The Droplet

Musée Monnaie de Paris

The Droplet is a project that creates a space, or more specifically a meeting point, where water related narratives can be shared and explored. The primary objective of the project is to raise awareness worldwide around water conservation, scarcity, water benefits and to view water as the means of extending ourselves and all life forms on earth. The project also treats water as the creative and poetic medium of the psyche as the anchoring mirror of the unconscious.

Constructed as a pavilion in the shape of a water drop and defined by a mist envelope, The Droplet creates a chamber within itself that serves as a stage to share stories related to the infinitely diverse aspects of water. The space orchestrated its message in the form of evolving conferences, performances and consciousness activities that took place in and around The Droplet itself.

The Droplet  performance was invited visitors to connect with a sense of themselves as a vehicle of water metaphors, ideas and access.

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