Symmetries of the Mind

Klinik Lippoldsberg

with Klinik- und Rehabilitationszentrum Lippoldsberg, which is located in the Wahlsburg area of central Germany. The clinic specializes in rehabilitation of stroke patients and is situated on the grounds of a former Nazi bomb factory, hidden in the forest near the village of Lippoldsberg.

he aim of this collaborative project has been to bring artistic practices to a therapeutic context by (a) enlarging and expanding the potential for healing beyond the boundaries of established therapies, and, conversely, (b) broadening the scope of what one would consider to be an artwork, or art process. 

The project was initiated in early 2019 by the clinic director Dr. Ralf Pinnau and has been conceptualized under the title of ‘Clinic Parcours’ by international curators Christoph Platz and Henriette Gallus. Two other artists, Imogen Stidworthy of the UK and Peter Schloss of Germany, have also been invited to participate and we are working towards an exhibition for late spring 2021. 

More coming soon!

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