Speed Dreaming

Curated by  Kamilla Blanche, Bryson Strauss and Carmen Zella

Variety Building Gallery 
April 30 - May 20 2011

SPEED DREAMING is a project that explores automatist behaviors at the convergence of machines and the body-mind system. The exhibit is divided into 4 main bodies of work:

Attacca explores the mind machine interface of the segway and how space and time relationships are blurred when an activity takes place, perhaps leaving a residue at that location

Bestiary: Raëlians is part of a multi year project that traces thought forms in the unconscious mind of various groups of people. In this case a group of Raëlian bishops and guides

As you listen An Excerpt of Erik Niedling and Ingo Niermann’s documentary. This excerpt is centered around a Lutyens induction in New York’s Time Square

Automata Automatica A series of drawings that are based on automatic patterns and behaviors.

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