Centering Center 2021

Collaboration with Cynthia Campoy Brophy

As we reflect on this 2020-21 season of disruption, of recalibration, of pausing, we see the many gaps that have been revealed in our communal fabric. Whether these gaps be social, environmental, personal, racial, economic, we understand better that centered individuals can better navigate life’s often rocky terrain. Working in collaboration this past year, the School of Architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and The Centering Center have designed a model to support a physical pathway to individual and social centering.

The Center’s journey begins as an architectural cosmology, by welcoming visitors through a woven entryway, bringing them to a social space for communal exploration enveloped by a dome that invites in a play of light and shadows. Adjacent to this central social space are options for each visitor to explore individually. They can journey internally into the inductive room by lying on their backs peacefully gazing into the sky; explore a sensory feeling of resonance in the sound space; wander barefoot through a labyrinth connecting toself and environment. After pausing in this space of internal and social reflection, they can venture out into the surrounding natural environment.

Welcome to our Centering Center,

Marcos Lutyens and Cynthia Campoy Brophy

The Centering Center

The Centering Center is rooted in Marcos’ Four Quadrants model, connecting our senses to ourselves, our communities, the environment. The Center creates intimate and communal spaces to explore each quadrant: inductive, sensory, social, environmental. 

Every space of the facility is initially led by an inductive, sensorial, social and environmental encounter, while appearing as a striking sculpture conceived in a spiral gesture integrated in the local landscape. The initial concept of the building is inspired by the naturally layered structure of a succulent and the weaving that pictures the therapeutic project intended to be a place where visitors can self-reflect and discover their own creativity at the direct contact of nature. 

Thanks so much to the faculty and students of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo :

Professor Thomas Fowler, DPACSA,NCARB,AIA

Professor Kevin Dong, PhD,SE


Bryan Garcia

Jonathan Oberempt

Faith Sharp

Sam Buckman

Elijah Williams

Saksham Tikekar

Nicole Svilich

Nishat Subah Peau

Deniz Karadere

Eric Jeschelnik

Laetitia Wallimann

Nicole O’Connor

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